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Harford teen's lawyers want him tried as juvenile in murder

Le 27 November 2013, 03:02 dans Humeurs 0

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By Nike Air Force Shoes Alison Knezevich, The Baltimore Sun April 19, 2013

Lawyers for a Harford County teen accused of killing his father last year attempted to convince a judge Friday that it would be unconstitutional to try the 17 year old as an adult. Robert C. Richardson III's attorneys also said the boy is suffering from the effects of isolation at the county jail, asking at a motions hearing for their client to be transferred to a facility for juveniles. They said he is being held in solitary confinement at the Harford County Detention Center. "The jail in Harford County does not have the capability to address the needs of juvenile offenders and juvenile inmates," lawyer Kay Beehler said at a hearing Friday in Harford County Circuit Court.

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office said a 13 year old female has been charged with making a false bomb threat in an incident that cleared West Middle School on Tuesday. school officials contacted the sheriff's office after a student recovered a note that included a threat to "bomb" the Westminster school. The middle school was evacuated while officers from law enforcement agencies inspected the building with explosive detection canine Nike Blazer shoes teams. We made strides in health, child welfare and education. However, one of the standout accomplishments was in juvenile justice. A gold 2000 Chrysler Town and Country van was taken Tuesday in the 600 block of Walker Street. Harassment by a woman was reported Tuesday at Pat's Pizzeria, in the 200 block of South Philadelphia Boulevard. Kids were throwing rocks at windows in the 200 block of North East Road on Tuesday. A truck was stolen Friday in the 1500 block of Perryman Road. Tavon Harvey, 18, of the first block of East Bel Air Avenue, was charged Monday with violating probation in a case in which he was charged with second degree assault. An armed subject was reported Sunday at Mayberry and Perrywood drives. Our policy is to include descriptions when there is enough information to make identification possible. If you have any information about these crimes, call the Wilkens Police Station at 410 887 0872. Man walking on footpath robbed of cell phone, leather jacket, leather wallet and Nike shoes by man with a gun. Our policy is to include descriptions when there is enough information to make identification possible. If you have any information about these crimes, call the Wilkens Police Station at 410 887 0872. March 8. Cash stolen after front door forced open.

Arrests in Murder of Brian Betts

Le 22 November 2013, 06:51 dans Humeurs 0

Arrests in Murder of Beloved Middle School Principal Gunned Down in His Own Home

Montgomery County police have arrested four people in connection with the murder of middle school principal Brian Betts. According to police, it appears Betts became a target through a social telephone chat line. On the evening of April 15 Betts found dead in a bedroom in his Silver Spring home. middle school principal had been shot at least once in cold blood. Fingerprints, credit card transactions and surveillance video were the keys to locating the suspects.

Three 18 year old males and one of their mothers are all in custody on charges ranging from first degree murder to armed robbery to credit card theft. And we learn just before Betts' body is discovered in his home, the suspects allegedly used his credit card to buy Nike shoes. 18 year Cheap Nike Shoes old Alante Saunders, 18 year old Sharif Lancaster, 18 year old Deontra Gray and 46 year old Artura Otey Williams are all behind bars. Saunders and Lancaster charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and using a handgun in a felony crime of violence. Lancaster's mother, Artura Otey Williams, charged with two counts of receiving a stolen credit card with the intent to use it, attempted theft and attempted fraudulent credit card use. Gray, the latest suspect taken into custody, charged with first degree murder, armed robbery and conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Key Clues: Fingerprints, Credit Cards and Surveillance Video

Fingerprints found at the crime scene, specifically inside the home of murder victim Brian Betts, allegedly leads investigators straight to 18 year old Sharif Lancaster.

Alante Saunders / Sharif Lancaster / Deontra Gray

And police say evidence places 18 year old Deontra Gray at Betts' home the night of the principal's murder. And of course, surveillance video plays a key role. A statement from Montgomery County police reveals video obtained at several locations allegedly shows all four suspects treating themselves to a shopping spree courtesy of the dead victim's stolen credit cards. and in Silver Spring, just a few miles from Betts' home, the crime scene. Montgomery County police say Brian Betts originally made contact with one of the suspects through a telephone chat line. Early evidence points to robbery as the motive. All four suspects remain in custody. The three 18 year old suspects are in lock up with no bond. But the search for suspects is not over yet, Montgomery County Police Spokesman Capt. Paul Starks says it's still an open investigation and more arrests are possible.

We Want Justice for Brian Betts!

I had a comment about the NFL player accused of rape. I was wondering how long the girl had been a runaway and had been prostituting. They said she used her phone to text her uncle and he called police, if she had access to a cell phone why had she not called anyone or sent a text for help previously if this pimp was making her do things she did not want to do and beating her, etc. It just seems odd that he would Nike Free Run Shoes even allow her to have a phone knowing that she was a runaway, underage, and he was involved in illegal activity, she could have called the cops on him at ANY given time. ??

What have we become? We seem to be a society without feeling.

It scares me to think there are people out there that want what they don deserve. Who do we blame? How have we changed so much that every move you make might be your last. Do you all have to walk around fully armed. Who do you trust? If you make one act of kindness it could be your last. We will be so afraid to help each other we will become removed from feeling anything.

What do you say to the victims family? What do you say to yourself to make it alright to rob beat and kill and innocent victim.

I don know about you but I would like to put all those criminals on an island and let them go at it.

This is disgusting. If they are found guilty, they should never be let out of prison. Oh yes, mom should do at least 15 20 years. She knew that the card was taken from someone her offspring had murdered. I am so sick of animals like this acting out their sick power fantasies. where I work. I a very peaceful man, but looking back I wish I had a gun tucked into my belt that day. There would have been two dead scumbags. Citizens must take back their streets from crazed animals like the bunch that killed this educator. If convicted, they should rot in hell after they carried out of prison in a box.

This is so sad when one wants only to make friends and the others feel that they are entitiled to take what they want instead of working for it. These guys as i see it should at least be in a vocational school or job corp trying to learn to earn a living instead of killing and taking what they want. I believe in Justice and remember if you dont believe in God believe in karma because what you put out you get back nothing goes unpunished. I am happy they have caught the perps and the mother what a mom huh? She should be ashamed of herself instead of teaching her son how to work to get what he wants/needs she sets a bad example. She should encourage her son to be better than well, she was not doing her job. Thank you Nancy you are doing a great job keeping this in print and keeping the law on its toes we need you and Happy Mothers day. Sharron Gorju

I think that most of this can all be traced back to when the family unit started braking down because of children who all did not want to be part of a family of love once they found that it also meant rules. And when welfare gave them all their way out that opened the gate; now 5 generations later most of them are the parents and teachers who won or can give more love than they recive. People that by the way all say (you must go through the whole systom drugs suffering and get out of it on your own and then better your life or you haven learned anything) who are now in all the churches law government systom and running most of it and it all started with the don give a damn partying fats cars bikes and money are all that matter boomers and later their kids that started it all. I know what you may not see that until that unit is restored the history of your home will become romes. taken down by the laws you all use to rid yourselves of all the un worthy ones. Which by the way again you all left one place to get away from 300 years ago. You can destroy what you are a part of. nor run from either. It didn work then nor will it now or will it ever!

You know it is just getting to be really disturbing that no matter what news organization or media outlet you view every day we are seeing young black men commiting some type of crime and usually a violent crime and in this case a mother has taken some part. Now of course there are plenty of white men committing crimes also but if you go back say one month and added up all the articles it is statistically staggering at the odds 10 to 1. And there is no end in sight, soon it will be in America as it is in Africa just in case anyone was wondering!!

Unfortunately Mr. Betts had a hidden perversion that no Nike Shoes one knew about. Inviting a male stranger over to your house, leaving the door unlocked to meet you in the bedroom. Probably had candles lit etc. waiting for this unknown individual to come and break him off. Yes, it unfortunate that people are plotting and planning on social networks, yes it is very unfortunate that Mr. Betts lost his life for the sake of his secret life and yes it unfortunate that these young men and mother don have the sense that God gave them; over a pack of cigarettes, a smoke of weed, a pair of nikes and a quick joy ride.

This is a lesson to all of us on so many levels!!! Let wake up and learn! Anything that you do in the dark will be revealed in the light. And these little knuckle heads that are going in the wrong direction we need to become that village again and raise these children.

An Overview of the Least Expensive Pole Barn Floor Plans for Building a New Barn

Le 21 November 2013, 08:44 dans Humeurs 0

Pole Barns can be simple to build and don't require all of the concrete forms to anchor them to the ground.

Cattle barn plans, though not precisely bounteous, are available on the internet. Doing a search for'cattle barn blueprint' should bring up many sites where you can view and / or print out and / Cheap Nike Shoes

or order plans for cattle barns. Low cost plans are available for cattle barns. There are plans for both basic cattle barns as well as for much more intricate layouts. Some plans make allowance

for a number of optional add ons. Plans for additions to existing cattle barns are also available.

One of the bigger cattle barns found was 36x60. This one has a twelve foot wide center aisle with 4 cattle stalls on each side. There also are two pregnancy stalls at the rear of the barn, raised

calf pens, covered cattle feeders, a storage room, and an irrigation pump shed. Optional features include cattle stocks, salt and mineral box for cattle, variable width cattle holding chute and

head gates, cattle squeeze, loading chute, fence line cattle feeder, continuing flow watering trough, bunker style fallout shelter for beef cattle, cubed hay storage, cow kennels, gestation tie

stall, rest stall, veal calf stall, calf warming box, and so on .

Plans for cattle barns could also be found on the web by doing a search for'dairy barn blueprints'.

Other search phrases that may be used are pole barn plans, free pole Nike Free Run Shoes barn plans, pole barn floor plans, pole barn house plans, pole barn home floor plans, 20' x 20' pole barn plans, pole barn

lean to plans, pole barn with living quarters plans, pole barn plans and material, plans on constructing a prefab pole barn, buy pole barn plans, plans for a 20 x 50 pole barn, pole barn for

horses plans photographs, pole barn shop plans, usda pole barn plans.

when you have selected the layout and optional features you will need for your cattle barn, you can then begin thinking and going over the plans with builders. Look around to get a fee which will

fit your position.

The plans listed above from SDS CAD specialized Design systems are very well done and can get you moving Nike Shoes at a reasonable cost. Across the nation more and more agricultural areas are requiring

engineered plans to be stamped by a structural engineer but the simple plans from SDS CAD can get you an idea of what it is going to take to build a pleasant barn or garage using the pole barn.

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